How are you living your life?

How are you living your life?

Ask yourself, “Am I living a life in alignment with who I am and what fulfills me, or am I living a life that is catered to my acceptance by others though it may be against what truly makes me happy?”

Our judgment can be clouded when we rely too heavily on outward circumstances rather than ourselves. We make the mistake of trusting that those outward things can tell us about our inward selves when we know ourselves better than anyone. Trusting outwardly is how we get lost within things and people and allow those experiences to make us feel like we do not know who we are. Outward opinions about ourselves are just that, opinions and they are purely based on another person’s perspective and opinion, through their lens and the lens you give them.

Sometimes we may be caught up in pleasing the crowd rather than pleasing ourselves and in that, we get lost. We change ourselves to what we think appeals to others. 

Our egos say “I want to be noticed, I want to feel important.” 

In that approach we have to the outward world, we do things that may not necessarily be who we truly are but it is perceived as “popular” or a way we will be accepted. We look for outward approval instead of approval from ourselves.

We spend so much time trying to figure out who we are when who we are is already present within us, so there is no need to search or change, just be. 

Self-understanding comes from looking inward for ourselves. You gain insight into yourself and your likes and dislikes when you listen to yourself and your intuition. 

An example of understanding our ability to know ourselves is, any time you are in a social situation, you can understand who you gravitate towards just by listening to your intuition and the energy that you are experiencing when you are conversing/connecting with another person. It is the energy you are approached with, in conjunction with the energy you feel, that tells you if this person might be a good fit for future conversations or connecting with them. That same distinguishing principle that you have in social situations is within you at all times, every second of the day, and you must watch and listen to your intuition and energy to learn, whether it be about yourself, life circumstances (like why is this happening to me?), your relationships with others, paths you might want to venture on, etc. 

Be who you are. You don’t need to search, you are here.

4 thoughts on “How are you living your life?

  1. Hiya Aiza 🙂

    That’s a lovely name — IDK what it means, but there’s no “just” about it to me! 😀

    Why do you address a “you” in this post? (FYI: “I created this blog to be able to share my life, my thoughts on life, and things that I have come to the realization of” 😉 )

    🙂 Norbert

    1. Hello Norbert,

      Thank you for the compliment about my name.

      In the post I address the reader as “you” because there is a singularity to ourselves. Although there is we, there is also I.

      I believe life is about figuring out who you are as an individual — you’re strengths, likes and how you can use those to contribute to your prosperity.

      We all have our own purpose in life. In that singularity we find that everything we search for to fulfill our desires and happiness is within ourselves, not within anyone else whether it be a friendship, romantic relationship, parental figure, material things. Just I, me, you. And once we approach life with the understanding that living life through our own standards of happiness and pleasing ourselves before others, we can then approach life with true happiness and prosperity because it is coming from a true genuine place within ourselves not outwardly.

      We can then provide, love, and be there for others in a way that is correct and coming from a genuine place.

      1. I mainly want to encourage *you* to express *yourself*.

        I find what you write above is excellent. Now I also want to know what it means *in your life*!

      2. I wrote this post about something that I directly correlate with, that I have been through myself, and that I have studied to be true in others as well.

        I’d say that I am expressing myself by expressing the struggle that I dealt with that others may be able to relate to as well. The post and my comment is what living life to your own standard means to me and my life in my viewpoint/opinion. I hope that makes sense.

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